Martial Arts


Martial Arts promotes respect, self-discipline, body awareness and confidence in students of all ages and is an excellent tool for lifelong success. Our classes are taught by experienced instructors with many years of training and teaching, both in martial arts and child development studies.

Our Martial Arts program utilizes the International Tae Kwon Do curriculum combined with modern teaching methods to provide the ultimate martial arts experience for your child!

Traditional Martial Arts

Our traditional martial arts program teaches International Tae Kwon do curriculum with a focus on child development. Students are placed with similar age groups to facilitate appropriate physical learning goals. Each class will offer tiered instruction to meet the different belt levels of students.

If your child is on the edge of an age group (eg. 6.5), we are happy to move them to the older group, please just check in with the front desk.

  • Tae Kwon Do Minis Ages 3-4
  • Tae Kwon Do Dragons Ages 5-6
  • Tae Kwon Do Juniors Ages 7-10
  • Tae Kwon Do Elites Ages 10+ / Orange belt and above
Sparring and Self Defense

Students 7 years and older will love our Self defence and sparring class! Our self defense curriculum works on defensive technique, ensuring students know how to de-escalate scenarios and get themselves to a trusted adult. In sparring, our students practice light contact sparring scenarios, learning to use excellent body control with their strikes and blocks.

Students may borrow gear for their first month. Students continuing in the program will be charged $34.99 for their own gloves. Students with 3 months of experience or more may decide to purchase their own helmet and foot gear ($34.99 each) in order to do free sparring rounds. Your instructor will discuss this with you as appropriate. Pricing subject to change.

Kids Fitness Kickboxing

We love our kid’s fitness kickboxing program for stress relief, body control, and general self defense awareness.

Students take part in no body contact drills (strikes to pads only), learning kickboxing technique in a safe and controlled environment. Students will also get to take part in a variety of fitness drills utilizing different equipment such as Trampoline, Kettlebells, TRX and more!

Students may borrow gear for their first month. Students continuing in the program will be charged $34.99 for their own gloves. Pricing subject to change.

Belt Evaluations

Belt Evaluations will take place every three months during the season for students in our Traditional Martial Arts classes (not fitness kickboxing or lil ninjas)

  • All students who are registered between September 1st and October 31st and have their White to Green belt will be enrolled to evaluate in November.
  • All students who are registered between November 1st and January 31st and have their White to Green belt will be enrolled to evaluate in February.
  • All students who register after January 31st OR who have not evaluated in evaluation 1 or 2, will be evaluated in May.

Belt evaluations give students a tangible demonstration of their skill level, demonstrate their areas of strengths and improvement, and assist in goal setting for their next stage. Students grow in confidence when they are able to present their learning, and resiliency when they have to work through challenges. Belt evaluations focus on creating lifelong learners and instilling the tenants of martial arts that create community members who can protect themselves and others.

Families will have the option of having the eval done in class, or register for a timeslot on the weekend. All registered families will be contacted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to evals with further details.

All students enrolled in the evaluation will be billed $49.99 on November 1, 2021 & February 1, 2022. If a student starts later in the season or elects to do a third belt evaluation, the billing day is May 1, 2022. If a student does not pass their belt evaluation, they will retake the evaluation when they have completed the necessary corrections, as well as completed a 1:1 private lesson during class time to work on their skill set. There is no charge for re-evaluations.

  • Evaluation 1: November 7th - 19th
  • Evaluation 2: February 20th - March 4th
  • Evaluation 3: May 22nd - June 3rd

Junior Leader Program

Is your child 9 years or older with a minimum of 3 months Martial Arts experience? Are they interested in developing their leadership skills while immersed in Martial Arts? Connect with us about our Junior Leaders program!

Junior leaders who are 9 and 10 years old may assist with our 3-4 and 5-6 year old classes. Junior leaders who are 11+ may assist with our 3-4, 5-6, and 7-10 classes.

Junior Leaders hold equipment, assist students in 1:1 learning of their forms, and encourage on task work during activities. Each junior leader receives a Junior Leader shirt and leadership direction from our martial arts staff.


When you register, please indicate if you would like to purchase one ($19.99) or two ($34.99) martial arts t-shirts for your student to be billed to your account. This is your only uniform cost.

Each student will receive a white belt in their first month of classes if taking part in our Traditional Martial Arts classes (not fitness kickboxing or lil ninjas).

For their first few classes, they should arrive in a comfortable shirt that allows easy movement, and any athletic style black pants (leggings, track pants, etc). They will be fitted for their martial arts shirt and receive it by the end of their first month.

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